Thing 3: Image Banks


Optional task:  Blog post on my experience of  completing this task

I decided to use Pixabay as I did not have to set up an account.  I did a straight forward search in All Images looking for an image on blogging.  I selected an image, chose the smallest image size from the options presented , clicked on Free Download, renamed and saved the image to a folder on my desktop.

I selected a second image using some of the options available.  For example, from the  drop down menu beside the search box I selected Media Type-Photo, Orientation-Vertical and Category Music.  I then entered the word Guitar in the search box.  As with the first image I chose the smallest image size from the options presented, clicked on Free Download, renamed and saved the image to a folder on my desktop.

I then started a new blog post for Thing 3: Images Banks.  I added both images to my blog.  It took me a few minutes to figure out the process for adding images.  Eventually, I clicked on the Add icon, selected the Media option and then selected the image I wanted from the folder on my desktop.  I was then presented with a preview and given options for layout such as tiled mosaic and slideshow.

Pixabay was straight forward enough to use.  I felt the metadata tended towards the generic.  For example I searched some place names and it either found a small number of images, didn’t recognise the name and substituted another similar name e.g. Celbridge became Cambridge or returned no results.  In fairness I may have been too specific.

If I hovered over the images the tags (keywords, metadata) by which it could be searched appeared.  This was useful.  If  I clicked on a tag it brought me to other images with the same tags.

The images I viewed were of good quality, available in different sizes which meant I could pick a an image size in Jpeg format suitable for viewing on a webpage.

I had a brief look at the further reading available in the Rudaí 23 Evernote Notebook mentioned in the Thing 3: Image Banks page for Rudaí 23.

Overall it very useful to have resources to go which can be used without fear of infringing copyright and intellectual property.






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